Fitch Warns on Option ARMs; High Defaults Await

Ratings agency Fitch cut Greece’s credit rating Tuesday from "CCC" to "CC" — meaning it is highly vulnerable to default — following the breakdown of bailout talks and the Greek government’s.

Countrywide Warns Against a Junk-Bond Rating. By Dealbook. Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings – placed the company on some form of negative outlook, according to the filing.. All this lead to an increase in defaults. On top of that the option ARMs CountryWide and other sleazy.

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The second wave of mortgage defaults in the US is discussed with reference to the Option ARMs that are about to reset and the likely defaults that will follow.

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Fitch Warns on option arms; “high defaults await“. “Fitch Ratings: Most outstanding neg-am mortgages won’t get out of 2011 alive. Fitch expects roughly $29 billion in option ARMs to recast to higher.

 · MUMBAI: Fitch Ratings has affirmed builder Lodha Developers’ Long-Term Issuer Default Rating at ‘B’. The Outlook is Stable. The agency has also affirmed the rating on the outstanding $325 million 12% senior unsecured notes issued by Lodha Developers International and guaranteed by Lodha and certain subsidiaries at ‘B’ with a Recovery Rating of ‘RR4’.

NY appellate court scrutinizes the MERS standing issue THE NEW YORK COURT OF APPEALS. Two-Justice Dissent at the Appellate Division — CPLR 5601(a).. York, appeal transferred 67 NY2d 717 [1986] [ ripeness, standing, subject matter. issues will be strictly scrutinized by the Court .

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I hate being right sometimes. BusinessWeek’s cover story this week is about Toxic Mortgages; it discusses the problems with Option ARM loans. As I’ve been saying for a few years now, too many people got sucked in by the premise of outstanding rates to help them purchase homes they simply couldn’t afford.

Fitch Ratings on Tuesday released a wide-ranging look at option ARMs that paints a decidedly negative picture for the mortgage markets over the next 36 months. In fact, the picture is a downright.