HUD fines FirstBank Mortgage Partners for maternity-related discrimination

The U.S. Department of Housing and urban development (hud) Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO), administratively enforces Federal statutes, executive orders and regulations designed to afford all persons an equal opportunity to live in housing of their choice and to participate in HUD-assisted programs and activities.

Mortgage Lending Discrimination Reveals the Need for More Comprehensive Maternity Leave By Jasmine Narang September 25, 2014 Issues, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, and Other Forms of Discrimination. Share; Tweet; Update; Plus 1; email; firstbank mortgage partners (based in Jackson, TN), has agreed to pay a settlement of $35000 to rectify allegations that it violated the Fair Housing Act by.

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 · The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced today that Bank of America has agreed to pay up to $161,180 to settle allegations that one of the bank s San Jose, California branches refused to refinance the mortgage of.

Lending HUD fines FirstBank Mortgage Partners for maternity-related discrimination Couple denied mortgage because of maternity leave

Descrimination in Lending. The Fair Housing Act, FHA regulations, and FHA loan guidelines forbid discrimination in lending. Discrimination can include denying a loan or home sale based on racial criteria, denying a disabled person the option of a first-floor dwelling, rental or condominium if otherwise available and many other circumstances.

In early January 2013, Bank of America settled an LGBT discrimination claim stating that the lender refused to finance a lesbian couple. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) claimed that the couple was denied a mortgage loan because of their sexual orientation and marital status.

HUD says it is investigating a "steady flow of complaints" centered on maternity-related mortgage discrimination. The Justice Department and the Department of Housing and Urban Development have issued several monetary penalties this year to lenders and insurers for alleged maternity discrimination against loan applicants.

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And with each case that is publicized, more people learn about the law and discrimination is prevented. Thanks to organizations like Momsrising and to you and everyone working to get the word out, we are doing more than ever before and, with your help, we will put a stop to maternity leave discrimination.

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