Is Seattle about to do away with single-family zoning?

 · Single-family zoning is practically gospel in America. Seattle isn’t the only city in the midst of a homelessness crisis. presidential hopefuls are open to the idea of expanding the Supreme Court.

Seattle officials open to some changes. Leaders of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s panel on housing affordability rushed Tuesday to temper the group’s position after a draft report surfaced that included a recommendation for doing away with single-family zoning. But some city officials say the idea of opening up Seattle’s traditional neighborhoods to more development is worth discussing.

Last December, Minneapolis did away with single-family zoning, permitting. In March, Seattle upzoned many of its neighborhoods, including. already happening, does the District need to change single-family zoning? Yes.

Seattle is currently in the process of changing a significant portion of our single-family zoning by implementing inclusionary zoning." So we’re in a potential RSL zone and I talked with a city staffer about this.

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While we're at it, let's get rid of single-family zoning altogether!. The only way to claim that two-thirds of the land is zoned single family is to include parks, open.

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 · Industrial zoning in Seattle tends to follow a continuum based on intensity rather than density. The zones go from heaviest, dirtiest, and loudest to a transitional zone that presumably can function well adjacent to commercially or multifamily zones. I am going to include the zoning charts from the DPD because the language is quite interesting.

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 · The times writes: “experts say adding density to single-family neighborhoods is a powerful tool to address housing affordability and chip away at segregation. While going so far as to eliminate single-family zoning may not be politically possible everywhere – the Minneapolis City Council is made up of 12 Democrats and one Green Party member.

She’s going after local governments with House Bill 2001, a measure that orders cities to do away with single-family zoning. Communities with more than 10,000 residents would be required to allow.