Moody’s: HFA single-family bond financing will increase

Single Family: Economics of Bonds vs. TBA Traditional Fixed Rate MRB MBS Secondary Structure 24% Serial, 42% Term, 34% PAC TBA Sale Full Spread Bond Yield (Flat Yield Curve) 3.125% N/A Example: Financing of 4.75% mortgage with 3.5% DPA and no points Full Spread PV Net Income 4.50 pts 2.50 pts current Market Yield (Steep Yield Curve) 3.750% 3.35%

What is leveraged finance? The Housing Financing Agency issues taxable and tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds to lower the costs of financing single-family housing and of acquiring, constructing, and rehabilitating rental housing. In addition, HFA administers the issuance of four percent low-income housing tax.

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Housing Finance Authority. The mission of the HFA is to consider opportunities that increase the availability of affordable housing in Leon County. This includes financing for owner-occupied single-family and multi-family housing units (townhouses and condominiums) and the sale of taxable bonds once approved by the Leon County Board.

Prior to 2009, housing finance agencies (HFAs) financed nearly all of their single-family mortgage loans with tax-exempt bond financings. Over the past five years as rates on conventional mortgage loans fell and remained at historical lows, HFAs found it difficult to compete using tax-exempt bonds to finance mortgage loans.

Single Family Bondholders Housing Finance Agency Bond Resolution Funds and Accounts rental payments mortgage payments Scheduled Debt Service and Bond Redemptions Principal Homeowners Interest Prepayments Trustee Bonds are secured by and payable from moneys pledged in the indenture (not the faith nor taxing power of the

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Moody’s: HFA single-family bond financing will increase. Bond financing will drive revenue growth.. Moody’s Investors Service expects bond financings to become a more significant part of.

Blackstone Group LP, the largest U.S. landlord of single-family homes. of Blackstone’s first securitization and the bond issues by Colony and American Homes 4 Rent received the highest rating from.

The latest piece of Spokane’s innovative plan to finance. a single-family residence in 2015 goes from $27.27 to $28.06. Those who flush less could qualify for the conservation credit. Pickup for 32.

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Janney continues to recommend investors consider single family housing bonds at these attrac-tive spread levels. suMMary of investMent opportunity Municipal and cross-over investors alike should not be shunning single family (SF) housing State Housing Finance Agency (HFA) bonds due to the uneven/slow housing market recovery. The worst