New Wells Fargo CEO pens open letter thanking customers for their loyalty

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lol! Housingwire: This week, Tim Sloan, who took over as CEO when john stumpf stepped down, penned an open letter to the bank’s customers, thanking them for their loyalty. "Thank you," Sloan’s letter opens. "To all who have stood by us as we have worked to make things right at Wells Fargo, we thank you..

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Lawsuit Says Wells Fargo Auto Insurance Charges Were a Fraud A Timeline of Wells Fargo’s Sales Scandal. 2017 — Wells Fargo elects two new. 2017– CEO Tim Sloan publishes open letter to the bank’s customers to "thank them for their loyalty" and share.

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The Democratic presidential nominee released an open letter on Tuesday to Wells Fargo customers, saying she was ‘deeply disturbed’ by revelations of widespread illegal practices.

Home New wells fargo ceo pens open letter thanking customers for their loyalty.. "To all who have stood by us as we have worked to make things right at Wells Fargo, we thank you. We know.

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