RealtyTrac: May foreclosures inch up 2%

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Foreclosure. homes market may finally have plateaued. In addition to the 9% drop since March, foreclosures fell 2% from April of 2009, marking the first year since the foreclosure crisis began that.

TEL AVIV (MarketWatch) — Foreclosure filings in the U.S. rose 6% from a year earlier and fell 2% from January 2010, RealtyTrac reported on Thursday. These filings — default notices, scheduled.

But foreclosures were on the rise in South Carolina, according to a report from real estate data company RealtyTrac. In January, 1,805 S.C. properties had foreclosure filings, up 9% from December and up almost 2% from January 2015.

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Freddie Mac: Servicers Need to Diversify Foreclosure, Bankruptcy Referrals Freddie Mac: Servicers Need to Diversify Foreclosure, Bankruptcy Referrals Democrats Push for Foreclosure Freeze at Fannie, Freddie Paul Jackson is the former publisher and CEO at HousingWire.

Whether today’s report on foreclosure activity is good or bad news depends on your perspective. We know this much: foreclosure activity increased in March by 6.5%, according to foreclosure tracker.

Private sector gains 130,000 jobs in October As we mentioned earlier, if there was one thing that would guarantee an 1800 print in the Stalingrad and propaganda 500 index today, it was a 0 or negative ADP print. Well, it wasn’t that bad. But it was close: with a paltry 130K private jobs created in October, this was a monthly plunge in private (i.e. non-government) payrolls, well below expectations, and substantially lower than the.Freddie Mac speeds up availability of streamlined loan mods Freddie Mac Eases Eligibility Requirements For Loan Mods. – Freddie Mac recently adjusted its mortgage modification rules to help increase borrower eligibility. In order to enable more borrowers to qualify, the government-sponsored enterprise (gse) has updated to the mark-to-market loan-to-value ratio (MTMLTV) calculation for its standard and streamlined modifications, as outlined in its Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide.

More than one million homes had foreclosure filings — notices of default, auction notices and bank repossessions — during the first six months of 2012, up 2% from the previous six months, according.

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The Southland’s housing market is flooded with cash-rich, bargain-hunting investors snapping up distressed. into the year we may see home prices stabilize." A separate report by Irvine data tracker.

RealtyTrac’s February report showed. But among the 26 states that use a judicial foreclosure process, activity rose 2% in February from the month before. Foreclosure activity was up 24% from the.

The States With the Highest Foreclosure Rates – Here are the 10 states with the highest foreclosure rates. foreclosure rates were up slightly in Maryland, but activity dropped in September. One in every 673 properties has a foreclosure filing,

Foreclosures fall to 42-month low: RealtyTrac – MarketWatch – CHICAGO (MarketWatch) – Foreclosure filings fell 2% in May, compared with April, pushing foreclosure activity down to a 42-month low, according to RealtyTrac’s monthly foreclosure market.

Foreclosure auctions were scheduled for the first time on a total of 147,003 U.S. properties in August, a 9% increase from the previous month and a 2% increase from August 2009.