Renters pursue the American Dream of homeownership

For many Americans, owning a home is an essential part of the American dream that conveys a number of economic benefits, such as the ability to accumulate wealth and access credit by building home equity, reduce housing costs through the mortgage interest deduction, and gain long-term savings over the cost of renting.

It’s one of the best programs that the government offers and it’s truly a partnership between USDA Rural Development, CCI and.

Pursuing the American Dream: Homeownership and the Role of Federal Housing Policy. By Michael Collins, consultant to the Millennial Housing Commission January 2002. This paper was prepared at the request of the Millennial Housing Commission to survey federal housing policy issues related to homeownership.

If home ownership is not the "American Dream," what is? The "American Dream" is the ideal that the government should protect each person’s opportunity to pursue their own idea of happiness. The.

Our overall conclusion: homeownership is a valuable institution. While two past policies may have put too much faith in the benefits of homeownership, the pendulum seems to have swung too far the other way, and many now may have too little faith in homeownership as part of the American Dream.

Renters pursue the American Dream of homeownership 0 Most view becoming a homeowner as an important stepping-stone in their life a chance to put down roots and fulfill the American Dream.

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Whether you are a Staten Island homeowner or renter, your attitude toward homeownership may likely be the same. Homeowners and non-homeowners both strongly consider homeownership part of the American Dream, according to new consumer survey data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Goals and dreams are great, but let’s get more creative with them. Here’s why financial independence makes for a better dream than homeownership-and why you shouldn’t assume renting is the slower route to get there. Flexibility to Move & Pursue Jobs, Opportunities, & Mates. When you buy a home, you take an initial loss.

 · ”The dream of home ownership was something that came after World War II, when everyone came back and they built all these houses,” explained Brian Face, a fee-only financial planner and owner of Face2Face Financial Planning. Homes came to represent personal success and security, an ideal Face said real estate and mortgage agents perpetuated.