Unemployment rate improves across nation

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GUEST EDITORIAL: State’s strong unemployment numbers – Editor’s note: There are dozens of newspapers across the state of Kentucky. The unadjusted annual state unemployment rate for the state was 4.3 percent for 2018, and 3.9 percent for the nation. The.

At the peak of the Great Recession in October 2009, the national. The dropping unemployment rate has been felt nationwide, but at the state level, the results have been more mixed. While each state.

Arkansas’ employment picture continued to improve. He noted the unemployment rate for the state has been below 4% for the.

The unemployment rate is dropping. But the number of jobs in rural America isn’t climbing very quickly. In fact, in the nation’s most rural counties. is not taking hold evenly across the country,

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The Five Highest Unemployment Rates In The World – Forbes – As economic activity improves, companies require additional workers, and. The five countries with the highest unemployment rate are:. Unemployment was down around 8.0% before spiking to 26.94% in early 2013.

New data shows that the EU unemployment rate was 7.1% in the. But public opinion about the economy has not improved everywhere. In. the highest unemployment rate an EU country has seen over the past two decades.

Housing prices decline as mortgage defaults rise for first time this year Missed payments on mortgages jump to 6.4 million in April And in April, the seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of sales of 5.19 million homes was not only 4.4% below April 2018, but also 6.3% below April 2017, and 5.3% below April 2016 (data via YCharts): But here is the thing: purchase-mortgage applications, as reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association on a weekly basis, have been rising.Mortgage Default Rates Continue to Rise jan 15 2013, 11:39AM increased mortgage defaults pushed the overall consumer default rate up in December for the third consecutive month.

The Office for National. the unemployment rate hitting 3.6%, its lowest rate since records began in 1992. "That being said, productivity growth is sluggish, and the outlook for the economy through.

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Source: BLS & FRED In addition to estimating the unemployment rate for the nation as a whole, the U.S. government also estimates unemployment rates for each state. In May 2011 the unemployment rate in South Dakota, like that in other plain states, was very low: just 4.8%. Meanwhile, Nevada had a 12.1% unemployment rate.

Households likely to deleverage debt with underwater mortgage defaults: Report  · When Canadian Homeowners Walk Away From Negative Equity, Taxpayers At Risk. But as acknowledged in the CMHC Q2 financial report: The most important vulnerability is Canada’s high level of household debt, which could amplify the impact of an economics shock if indebted households begin to deleverage or struggle to repay their debt balances..

 · The unemployment rate is now 4.2% – down 0.4% since last year – with the number of people out of work falling by 115,000. The figures published by the Office for National.

(Washington, DC) – The District of Columbia Department of Employment Services reported today that the seasonally adjusted preliminary unemployment rate was 6.0 percent in November – down 0.1 percentage point from the reported October unemployment rate, and down 0.6.

Unemployment rates are often seasonally adjusted to avoid variations that depend on time of year. [2] [3] Employment rate as a percentage of total population in working age is sometimes used instead of unemployment rate.

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