Washington Supreme Court: MERS cannot obtain foreclosure power without note

homeowners who already cannot make their mortgage payments. Courts.. power over the foreclosure process and that the duty of the trustee must be. Washington Supreme Court, having accepted a certified question66 as to. Whitehead, the court did not find that the VA indemnity right was “second.

Foreclosures: Landmark v Kesler CEPersVid-35 PDF Courts Uphold MERS Serving as "Nominee" on Mortgage Instruments – 2 Mayer Brown | Courts Uphold MERS Serving as "Nominee" on Mortgage Instruments Supreme Court did address the relationship between MERS and its members.the court did not specifically hold that no agency relationship existed." Similarly, in the case of In re: Lopez, No. 09-10346, 2011 WL 576820 (Bankr. D. Mass. Feb. 9,

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1. Mers cannot be the beneficiary without holding the note. That decision is not terribly surprising. 2. The court did not answer the question of the legal effect of MERS acting as beneficiary. That is extremely disappointing, but most likely due to the case having come up from the US District Court as a certified question to the Supreme Court.

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Life on MERS: Mapping the Landscape | Stay Informed | K&L Gates – The appellate court reversed the decision of the supreme court (the trial court in New York), which had denied the defendant borrowers’ motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s foreclosure action, because the "consolidation agreement" "did not give MERS title to the note, nor [did] the record show that the note was physically.

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